Terms & Conditions of Entry

The Event Organizers reserve the right to reject any application. Entry fees will be refunded if an application is rejected. The Event Organizers reserve the right to excuse any team or participant from the event at any time. No refunds of entry fee will be made once a team has been accepted into the contest.

Any photographs or videos authorized or taken by the Event Organizers of a team on site, responses to questions in this application and prize-winning recipes or notes may be used for promotional purposes of the event and its sponsors.

Application and appropriate entry fee must be received no later than July 28, 2017. Space size for contestants is 10’ x 10’, except in special circumstances approved by the Event Organizers. Let us know of any unique needs be it electrical or otherwise. We are here and want to try and help.

By submitting an entry form, you hereby agree to abide by these terms as well as the Rules and Regulations (PDF) of the Great Fraser River Salmon BBQ Competition. You further agree to notify all members of your team about these terms, conditions, rules and regulations.

Download the 2017 Competition Entry Form